Part 2

Since 2010, we have become a global supplier of metalized thin film capacitors, providing reliable and professional capacitor solutions for new energy power electronics, reactive power compensation, filtering, communication, power supply, vehicle and other home appliance fields.

Part 3

We provide high-quality and complete capacitor products for photovoltaic/wind power inverters, Solar energy storage, EPS, UPS, household appliances, electric tools, drive systems, electric vehicles, and more. There are mainly DC Link, surge absorption, resonance, coupled anti electromagnetic interference X1, X2, Y2, and CBB series, MMKP series etc. 

Part 4

Currently, we have strong R&D team, providing services to clients in China, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Now we have become partners with some well-known enterprises, including Huawei, Delta, Hunterkey, Sinexcel, Dell, Lenovo, HP,  Megmeet.... etc.

 Our vision is to provide innovative capacitor solutions for the world and contribute to global technological progress. Our mission is to become one of the most recognized capacitor suppliers both domestically and internationally.

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